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A Two-Hour Adoption

People on Plane

By Mark Vermilion

On a flight from Denver to Dallas a few months ago, I sat next to Kenny, a high-school junior from Westminster, Colorado. Kenny was very talkative, and I soon found out he was on his first-ever flight.

He was a little nervous, which was probably at least part of the reason why he was so talkative.

He passionately spoke about his love for Harry Potter books and movies—as well as popular dystopian books and movies like The Hunger Games and Divergent (his favorite). I soon realized that I would have to steer the conversation if we were going to talk about anything other than popular books and movies.

I did, and over the next 30 minutes or so, I learned that Kenny lived with his mother and older sister...

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By Mark Vermilion

I wrote this article one year ago. I’ve seldom had as much of a response to anything I’ve written before or since. A year later, I’m posting it again because my life is still different because of this experience.

Defining moments don’t happen very often in our lives. But I experienced one this week when I was in Loveland, Colorado, on business.

After a long afternoon of meetings, I stopped at a fast-food restaurant on the way out of town. I ordered at the counter and then stepped into the restroom while I waited for my food to be prepared. When I returned from the restroom, I was surprised to find every customer and employee standing at a wall of windows on one side of the restaurant, looking out into a busy street.

Several women were gasping and screaming in response...

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Eye Contact


By Mark Vermilion

For two decades, I’ve been working with public speakers. I started by teaching freshman public speaking courses and then more advanced speaking courses at Taylor University and Indiana Wesleyan University. For the past decade, I’ve been coaching ministry communicators who want to maximize the impact of their speaking.

Some are pastors, some are itinerant speakers, some are NFL players who speak part-time to corporate or church audiences in the off-season, and some are musicians or entertainers who speak on the side.

When coaching the delivery of a speaker, I immediately address the speaker’s eye contact with the audience. Anyone who’s taken a communication course of any kind understands the importance of eye contact. However, I want speakers to understand why authentic ...

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So You Believe in God, Huh?

Prop Plane

By Mark A. Vermilion

I travel a lot for my work. And a lot of my travel is by air. I’m usually very tired when I get on flights, and it’s always a challenge for me to talk to the person sitting next to me on the plane.

It’s not that I’m anti-social, but I am an introvert who talks to people all day and interacts with groups of people for a living. Especially when I travel. By the time I drop into my seat on a plane, I’m ready to go into an introvert coma (only an introvert would fully understand that last sentence.)

But God often seems to have other plans when I’m on planes. He has different ways of letting me know when he wants me to rise to the occasion and engage with the person next to me. At times, I can sense that he’s orchestrating an important connection...

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What Happens When Pro-Life Meets Pro-Love?


By Mark A. Vermilion

What do you think of when you hear about the pro-life movement?

Do you think of protestors? Do you think of picketers carrying signs in front of abortion clinics? Do you think of bumper stickers that say things like “Abortion kills” or “Abortion stops a beating heart”? Do you think of political activists trying to overturn abortion laws? Do you think of debates about when life begins? Do you think of heated arguments between pro-lifers and pro-choicers?

Well, those things don’t define what it means to be pro life.

Not anymore.

There’s a new movement of youth, young adults, and adults of all ages who are taking a different approach to being pro life.

The new pro-life movement doesn’t involve screaming...

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Exploiting the Exploited


By Laura C.

I am not a writer.

I am not really even a blogger.

I am human though, and I understand deep wounds because I have lived deep wounds. This is how my heart knows that what my eyes have seen is wrong–organizations that are helping girls out of really bad situations only to re-exploit them. Not intentionally– but re-exploit nonetheless.

Let me first begin by making one fact clear: As I see organizations freeing children from slavery and horrific situations, I am truly elated. When I think of sweet innocence stolen and beaten and raped out of a child, it breaks my heart. Enslaving another human being for sex or labor is truly deplorable, and knowing about this evil practice, a practice that enslaves an estimated 29 million people each and every year, requires action...

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The Question

The Question

By: Daniel James 

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daniel James and I am the newest addition to the Live Love Movement Advancement team. I am a soon to be graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida, and as I have been preparing for all that graduating college entails, there has been one question that people have been asking me lately that’s really got me thinking. Whether you know it or not, I’m sure it’s a question that will probably get you thinking too.

“If you could do anything in this world without failing what would you do?”

While many of us would answer this question in different ways, I think it’s interesting to reflect upon the things that we would try to do if we knew that there was no way possible that we would fail...

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Real Community by Adam Norsworthy


There are often things that happen in life that make me rethink some of my assumptions and reconsider my stances. Such was the case of a recent conversation I had on Facebook.

While browsing through CNN I came across a heartbreaking article about a young man who had died on his college campus due to a Fraternity hazing.  It was senseless, uncalled for, and I’m sure the most devastating news his parents would ever hear, especially around Christmas.

My righteous anger burst from me and I let it out on the very social medium that makes most sense when you are irritated (sarcasm should be implied)..Facebook.

My post read something like this: College student dies from “Fraternity hazing ritual…college students is this worth it?” Real community comes from the church, campus ministries etc...

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40,000 VOLTS

Electricity Photo

By Mark Vermilion

In 2005, I worked with my friend Dwight Robertson to write the book, Plan A (And There’s No Plan B). As we were wrapping up the book, we came across an almost unbelievable story in the news that illustrated perfectly one of the most important concepts in the book. I want to share that story with you.

It may seem farfetched, but it really is a true story.

Without a Clew
Frank Clewer had no idea what was happening as he walked into a business building in Warrnambool, a small town in the state of Victoria on the southern coast of Australia.

Frank was wearing a wool sweater and a synthetic nylon jacket. As he walked, the two rubbed together, creating friction and storing up an electrical charge.

He didn’t feel a thing.

He was totally oblivious to the electrical current ...

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The Flight Plan


By Mark Vermilion

It was time to go home after a long week of consulting in Denver. I boarded a United Airlines flight that would take me to Chicago, where I would catch a connecting flight to Indianapolis. I was relieved that the first leg would be on a Boeing 767, which has a large cabin and a smoother ride than most planes.

I had planned ahead for this trip. I booked in advance to get an aisle seat with extra leg room on the first row of the coach section. It was a good seat on a great aircraft. I was tired of small planes.

I went through my usual pre-flight ritual. I made sure I had bottled water, my iPhone with earbuds, my laptop, and the latest book I was reading–all within reaching distance of my seat. I was ready.

A thirtysomething women excused herself as she stumbled past me to t...

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