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Ministry of Environment wildlife biologist

Stuart Bates, conservation officer, left, Jerry MacDermott, wildlife technician, and Alicia Sled, Ministry of Environment wildlife biologist, prepare to implant tiny electronic tracking tags in a buck that was tranquilized by conservation officers in Nanaimo’s Hammond Bay area Thursday morning. Conservation Officer Service’s Bait Deer program, which uses hidden electronic tags to foil urban deer poaching and provides valuable data about the animals’ ranges and movements. Image credit: CHRIS BUSH/The News Bulletin.

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Polyethylene and titanium particles

Polyethylene and titanium particles elicit a different immune response invitro. To test these hypotheses, we used the human bone marrow cell culture model that we have established and previously used to examine particle associated cytokine release. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE) induced a proliferation of CD14 positive cells (monocytes/macrophages) whereas cobalt chromium molybdenium (CoCrMb) particles demonstrated an increased proliferation of CD66b positive cells (granulocytes).

Il nuovo centro logistico sar semiautomatizzato e al centro dell’Europa. A Napoli ci sono enormi difficolt e non solo legate ai trasporti. Fra Caivano e Marcianise aggiunge l’ad c’ una delle aree industriali pi belle d’Italia...

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