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it looks like a referendum on Reagan

President Reagan is off and running for election in New Jersey again. In that state’s gubernatorial primary elections May 2, voters elected a Republican and a Democrat each of whom is expected to make the Reagan administration’s economic philosophy and political policy the center piece of his own campaign.

In a field of 13 Democrats and eight Republicans, US Rep. James J. Florio, captured the Democratic nomination and Thomas H. Kean, billed in the primary as the “Reagan candidate,” won the Republican nod.

Representative Florio set the tone for this duel when he proclaimed to hundreds of supporters after his victory: “Democrats must keep their commitment to workers’ safety, a good environment, and harmony in society.” He added: “We must keep our commitment to social security. wholesale jer...

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pandora essence In the 35 minutes before tea

The German forces were bogged down by the Russian winter, the Russian victory at Stalingrad and then the subsequent spring rain and mud. In the summer of 1943 the Germans had amassed a huge force to attack Russia and regain lost ground. This would lead to the largest tank battle in history and also lends a dynamic backdrop to this book.

pandora charms We shall see. I doubt pandora jewelry I want the grass back. I have 13 citrus trees, a peach and an almond planted in the front yard so far many of them in the past 2 years and it was getting really difficult to mow anyway. By northface sunset, the harrods day connected michael kors to nba jerseys the michael kors outlet online sea...

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