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By Mark Vermilion

We hear a lot of talk about causes these days. World hunger. Child abuse. Human trafficking. Global warming. Clean water. Orphan care. AIDS prevention. And the list could go on.

All this talk about causes is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because it means we’re informed about and interested in the pain and suffering of others around the world.

Each new generation is more globally aware than the generation before it.

That’s a good thing.

But for all this awareness, few of us are really doing anything about the poverty, pain, and oppression that’s all around us. We talk more than we act.

And that’s a bad thing.

The more we hear about how much pain and injustice there is in the world, the more we seem to become paralyzed...

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Deep Water

By Adam Norsworthy

“Deep water.” It’s a phrase that I’ve used for years in my youth ministry. In these two little words I’ve preached, and taught, and encouraged, and even challenged others do something every dangerous for God. Often that was telling a student to drop an entire friend group because the road that group was leading them down was destructive. Or I’ve used that phrase to encourage another to go out on a mission trip, even when they’d rather do something else with their summer. I’ve used that phrase to explain my initial path to ministry and how in my early years the sense of danger and wonder was so thick.

It is this phrase that has become the message of lips and less the message of my life…until now.

In March of this year Taylor and I began praying about wha...

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