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Adapted from the book Plan A: And There’s No Plan B by Dwight Robertson and Mark Vermilion

Next time you see an acorn lying on the ground, pick it up. Notice how small and insignificant it looks. Then think for a moment about the possibility you’re holding in your hand.

This acorn, which is little more than an inch in diameter, could someday become an Oak tree that reaches more than 100 feet tall and lives for up to 1,000 years.

Use your imagination. There’s a lot of potential in that tiny acorn.

What’s true of acorns is also true of people’s lives. Even the most ordinary of us has extraordinary potential when God is at work through us. In fact, God seems to specialize in turning acorn-sized lives into mighty Oak trees. He did it all through Scripture.
-Some saw a Hebrew fugitive in...

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Same Same but Different – Live Love Profiles


By Kevin Austin

The Thai language is difficult, but often playful. The phrase “Same same, but different” certainly applies to two people I recently met.  Kate Wallace and Kali Long are same same, but different.

They are same same in that they are both women, love Jesus, and are incredible leaders. Both Kate and Kali are freedom fighters: Kate championing the rights of women to serve; Kali working with women in prostitution and youth at risk on the streets of Athens, Greece. Both are engaging in ending modern slavery and working to create new futures in holistic ways.

They are different from each other. Kali is Greek. Kate is a California girl. Obviously they are strikingly different in looks...

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What do you want? Words or Actions?


By Kevin Austin

I’m an activist. This means I like to “do” more than “be”. This is a good thing, and a not-so-good thing. I have good friends who are more contemplative. They ask me to slow down, pointing out correctly that our actions flow out of our being. We are, after all, human beings not human doings. I have other friends who are activists like me, and have a tendency to mock the contemplatives.

This is nothing new.

Mary sat at Jesus feet while Martha worked (Luke 10:38-42). This doesn’t mean Martha was bad or any less loved than Mary. However, the relationship was different.

Jumping to another book, John chapter 11, and another story, we see the power of this connection. After Lazarus had died Jesus came to town. Martha ran to not only meet, but to chastise Jesus...

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Mud Puddles


“As I read about how the last will be first, I started wondering why I was working so hard to be first.”
-Shane Claiborne

By Mark Vermilion

Back in the Old West, when people traveled long distances by stagecoach, travelers could choose to buy a first-class, second-class, or third-class ticket for their stagecoach ride. The three classes of tickets determined what a person was expected to do if the stagecoach got stuck in the mud.

And they didn’t have paved roads back then, so stagecoaches got stuck in the mud a lot.

If you had a first-class ticket, you could stay seated when the stagecoach got stuck. If you had a second-class ticket, you were expected to get out and walk alongside the stagecoach until it was past the muddy area...

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How does Love, love?


This was the question I was presented this past weekend as I sat in the first church service in ten years where I haven’t been a pastor. Feeling a bit out of place, and even a little void of purpose , I heard the pastor say this phrase “How does Love, love?” At first it seemed like a really odd statement. Isn’t “love” an emotion or even an action? Love is something we do, something we express, and something we feel. It’s not a noun.

On second thought though it is.  The root of love is the One who

This was the question I was presented this past weekend as I sat in the first church service in ten years where I haven’t been a pastor...

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