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40,000 VOLTS

Electricity Photo

By Mark Vermilion

In 2005, I worked with my friend Dwight Robertson to write the book, Plan A (And There’s No Plan B). As we were wrapping up the book, we came across an almost unbelievable story in the news that illustrated perfectly one of the most important concepts in the book. I want to share that story with you.

It may seem farfetched, but it really is a true story.

Without a Clew
Frank Clewer had no idea what was happening as he walked into a business building in Warrnambool, a small town in the state of Victoria on the southern coast of Australia.

Frank was wearing a wool sweater and a synthetic nylon jacket. As he walked, the two rubbed together, creating friction and storing up an electrical charge.

He didn’t feel a thing.

He was totally oblivious to the electrical current ...

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The Flight Plan


By Mark Vermilion

It was time to go home after a long week of consulting in Denver. I boarded a United Airlines flight that would take me to Chicago, where I would catch a connecting flight to Indianapolis. I was relieved that the first leg would be on a Boeing 767, which has a large cabin and a smoother ride than most planes.

I had planned ahead for this trip. I booked in advance to get an aisle seat with extra leg room on the first row of the coach section. It was a good seat on a great aircraft. I was tired of small planes.

I went through my usual pre-flight ritual. I made sure I had bottled water, my iPhone with earbuds, my laptop, and the latest book I was reading–all within reaching distance of my seat. I was ready.

A thirtysomething women excused herself as she stumbled past me to t...

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Boy Reading the holy bible

Last evening, I sat down to dinner with some longtime friends whom I hadn’t been with in seven years. It was as if no time had passed. We started where we left off seven years ago.

The meal was incredible, but the best thing was that we got lost in conversation. We forgot about time as we all took turns sharing what’s new in our lives.

The last one to share was my friend Ellie.

Ellie has a gentle, quiet spirit, and she’s not one to call attention to herself. So the others at the table had to prompt her a bit to get her to share a new and exciting ministry that she had helped start.

“Ellie, you have to share with Mark about ‘Diamonds in the Rough,’” one of my other friends encouraged her. “He’ll love hearing about it!”

I did.

Ellie told me that a few months ago she began to invite some of...

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