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Exploiting the Exploited


By Laura C.

I am not a writer.

I am not really even a blogger.

I am human though, and I understand deep wounds because I have lived deep wounds. This is how my heart knows that what my eyes have seen is wrong–organizations that are helping girls out of really bad situations only to re-exploit them. Not intentionally– but re-exploit nonetheless.

Let me first begin by making one fact clear: As I see organizations freeing children from slavery and horrific situations, I am truly elated. When I think of sweet innocence stolen and beaten and raped out of a child, it breaks my heart. Enslaving another human being for sex or labor is truly deplorable, and knowing about this evil practice, a practice that enslaves an estimated 29 million people each and every year, requires action...

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I have been heartened by the response of my staff to our situation. We have taken the opportunity provided by the change of leadership to take a detailed and honest look at our current position. We have recognised that we must build a more ambitious culture which has at its heart ‘preparing our young people for successful future lives.’.

cheap nfl jerseys The bell remained hidden from UCLA students for more than a year, first in SigEp basement, then in the Hollywood Hills, Santa Ana and other locations. At one point, it was even concealed beneath a haystack. Bruin students tried to locate the bell, but to no avail. cheap nfl jerseys

cheap jerseys All nine were arrested for prostitution. One of the men was also arrested for felony drug possession. Seven of the nine men were taken to jail....

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The Question

The Question

By: Daniel James 

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daniel James and I am the newest addition to the Live Love Movement Advancement team. I am a soon to be graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida, and as I have been preparing for all that graduating college entails, there has been one question that people have been asking me lately that’s really got me thinking. Whether you know it or not, I’m sure it’s a question that will probably get you thinking too.

“If you could do anything in this world without failing what would you do?”

While many of us would answer this question in different ways, I think it’s interesting to reflect upon the things that we would try to do if we knew that there was no way possible that we would fail...

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