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Which states are keeping track and which aren’t

When bad teachers are fired or disciplined, how easy is it to track them?

Only seven states got an “A” in a USA Todaysurveythat ranked states across the nation on background checks, transparency on teacher disciplinary actions, mandatory reporting laws and how states handle sharing information about teachers’ misconduct with other states.wholesale jerseys

The survey indicates there are big gaps in info about teachers and points to a need for better coordination in collecting and sharing information about the misconduct of teachers. It refers to America’s process for vetting teachers as “a loosely connected patchwork of state laws and procedures, inconsistent practices by school districts and state officials, and wide variations in who’s accountable for what and how accountable they are...

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By Mark Vermilion

I wrote this article one year ago. I’ve seldom had as much of a response to anything I’ve written before or since. A year later, I’m posting it again because my life is still different because of this experience.

Defining moments don’t happen very often in our lives. But I experienced one this week when I was in Loveland, Colorado, on business.

After a long afternoon of meetings, I stopped at a fast-food restaurant on the way out of town. I ordered at the counter and then stepped into the restroom while I waited for my food to be prepared. When I returned from the restroom, I was surprised to find every customer and employee standing at a wall of windows on one side of the restaurant, looking out into a busy street.

Several women were gasping and screaming in response...

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